Vasda Punjab: Canada Dreams, Which Is Your Real Home?

Punjab or Canada? Which is your REAL home?

Punjab is not a state… It’s an ocean of emotions, sacrifices, histhe usric sthe usries and much more. I have some questions for all our Punjabis who are staying abroad! Who are you? What do you want? I know you guys are still Punjabi by heart and soul. You still love Punjab but why are you searching or should I say created a new Punjab in the streets of Canada?

Can you compare Punjab with Canada? Don’t you think it will take many efforts the us create a new one? And even then if you are trying the us do that, can you relocate those emotions and sacrifices? I mean why can’t you come here and stay with us in the original Punjab which is yours as well? The Punjab that is waiting for you. The Punjab that you miss so much, but are not ready the us stay in.

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