Vanjhali by Nooran Sisters is one of its kind, you must listen!!

White Hill it seems has become habitual of giving back to back hits. Whether it’s movies or songs, they are ruling the market. And this recently released Vanjhali by Nooran Sisters is one of its kind that you must listen to.

Set in Rajasthan, the story of lovers so made for each other pulls at the heart strings. We can compliment the video Director Deepak Sharma for having done a good job.

Nooran Sisters

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Lyrics by Miyan Bakhtawar have been written with complete feel. And I’m sure such songs and lyrics would continue to give a fresh breeze to our culture and folk. Why am I saying this? For that you have to watch and listen to this song. Trust me you would enjoy the music by Kuljeet and along with it composition by Gulshan Meer Shahib like anything.

Here’s the video…