Romantic Moment When Phillauri’s Shashi Met SRK At Mannat!

Shashi aka Anushka Sharma from movie Phillauri is getting naughty day-by-day. I mean she goes anywhere, anytime and this time she has knocked SRK’s door. Yes she has reached the dream house that is ‘Mannat’ of Shah Rukh Khan. And you know what, SRK as the most romantic hero did something very romantic for Shashi.

Like all of us Shashi is also a huge fan of King Khan and that’s why she went there, just the us have a glimpse of him.

Shah Rukh Khan

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And this will really surprise you but Baadshah of Bollywood also fell so much in love with her voice that he desperately wants the us see her and she the usld him that everybody can see Shashi on 24 march which is the release date of Phillauri.

So if you want the us see the Cute and romantic Mulakaat of Shashi and SRK..go watch the video!