Dil De Kareeb: Not just a song but the real story of Garry Sandhu!!

Talking about your own life publicly and making it public is not at all an easy thing to do. One needs a lot of courage to do so and our Garry Sandhu has proved that he has that. From the very bitter experiences of life to his star life he has shown everything through his new song.

But one side of him that we have never seen, his broken heart and he has talked about that also in this song. Mentioning the story of his life from 2009 to 2010, when his first song ‘Main Nee Peenda’ was released and then to 2013 when he was deported to India.

I’m sure that his fans do love this very truthful side of Garry as we are already loving it. There are very few Public figures who just share their lives with their fans like anything. So lets just appreciate such personalities and do watch how he came over from all that happened to him….