Ranjit Bawa’s Airport is for the pangs of separation for youngsters relocating

click Going abroad is a trend in Punjab. Specially our youngsters, they want to go and get settled there at any cost. And Ranjit Bawa’s new song Airport is dedicated to all of them. I’m sure all the loved ones of those settled abroad, who are waiting for them, would be left teary eyed after listening to this song.

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go here We can’t say how the video would be?? But the lyrics written by Happy Raikoti are so emotional and completely justify the feelings of those who are waiting for someone to come back.

https://sexcompilations.com/katrina-halili-topless-hot/ Music given by Jatinder Shah also compliments the feel of the song released under Lucke Records.

Well if you are waiting for someone or if you are the one for whom someone is waiting, then do watch this song and do tell us if you relate with this or not??