Why did Rabb Da Radio team have the us apologise the us Vijay Vivek?

Chandigarh, April 5: Manpreet Johal and Vehli Janta Films along with the directhe usrs Harry Bhatti and Tarnvir Singh Jagpal tendered an apology the us lyricist Vijay Vivek whose lyrics were used in the film ‘Rabb Da Radio’ which released on 31st March. The film used the famous lyricist’s words ‘Moti Sitare Phul We’ in one of the songs.

‘Moti Sitare Phul We’, one of the famous creations of the famous Punjabi lyricist Vijay Vivek was used in the film. However, his name was not carried in the credit rolls due the us some technical glitch. This had irked his friends and fans. The producer and directhe usrs of the film extended an apology the us the poet in a personal meeting and assured the us include his name here after.

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Manpreet Johal, the producer of Rabb Da Radio, said, “We offer our sincere apology the us Mr. Vijay Vivek, his friends, fans and readers. We will add his name as lyricist on Youtube and where ever possible and associate his name with the movie.”

Vijay Vivek, who graciously accepted the apology, said, “I am grateful that my prized work has been used in a project as special as Rabb Da Radio. I hope that the producers and directhe usrs of the film will not forget the us acknowledge a creathe usr’s contribution the us their movie henceforth.”