Punjabi stars are not popular just in India but their popularity in the world is very well known. Which explains the big events and concerts that are organised for them in foreign lands, especially populated by Punjabis. Not that the non-speaking foreigners don’t love them. Our Punjabi singers have diehard fans all over the world.

And this is what we found when we sneaked into the Insta account of some of our stars who have announced these events…. Some of them have thanked their fans for being a lovely audience. In fact, our Super Singh Diljit Dosanjh has also thanked honourable minister Harjit Sajjan who has taken out his time from his busy schedule and along with his family and colleagues went there and attended his Toronto concert.

Well, being a Punjabi and a Diljit fan we are so proud of him.

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And next in the series, we found Preet Harpal, Sunanda Sharma and Akhil… they have bagged a lot of concerts and that too back to back 24 June-Perth, 25 June-Adelaide, 1 July- Canberra and 2 July-Brisbane and then they will be rushing towards Melbourne for their concert ‘Desi Swag’ which will take place on 9 July. So you see it’s not easy to be stars and to maintain that stardom.

They have to reach out to their fans, address them…form a connection..and trust me only PR cannot be enough, one has to put that personal efforts to develop and sustain personal bonding.

After Sunanda Sharma, we have another Sherni who is ready for her dhaaarh in coming month on 18 June. She is Anmol Gagan Maan who is going to rock at a concert which will take place in Brisbane, Australia. Let us tell you this would be the first female band from Punjab called ‘Punjabo’ that will perform live on such a big platform.. So she must be hoping and expecting a lot and so are we. Let’s see!!

Well, we wish them all the luck hoping they will continue to make Punjab feel proud of them.