What Punjabi Khurki Thinks About Our ‘Educated’ Politicians!

It’s a real shocking fact that many elected representatives from Punjab who have made a mark in their respective constituencies and are representing their areas in the Vidhan Sabha have failed to show much to be talked about in their school days.

Though it’s a strong debate whether a leader must be educated or not, there are some politicians who have been able to bring about a change with their good deeds even though they were not educated. But in today’s fast moving world, where we all are striving to become a developed state we also need educated politician to ensure a better communication.

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Punjab 2017 elections are just round the corner and to show a clear image of the present MLAs, Punjabi Khurki did some research on their education background and watch its take in the Raula Shaula series. Have a look……….


Punjabi Khurki
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