Punjab-origin leader’s angst: Ujjal Dosanjh appeals to Narendra Modi to be PM of all Indians, ‘not just RSS’

Ujjal Dosanjh, a Liberal Party parliamentarian in Canada and former premier of British Columbia province , has entreated Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be “the Prime Minister that India deserves” on his new website commentindia.com on Wednesday. He has appealed to Modi to be “the PM of all Indians” and “not (of) just the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)”

Dosanjh, 70, who was born in Dosanjh Kalan village in Jalandhar district with a socialist freedom fighter for grandfather, said, “I have deep ties with India and I am deeply pained by the trolling, harassing and lynching of the past few years and complete silence by India’s PM and his government. The most recent is harassment of a degree college in Chikkamagaluru by the Hindutva brigade.”

Dosanjh’s angst is visible as he writes: “In Karnataka, Dhanyashree, a young woman barely twenty years old, has taken her life; I say she was cruelly driven to her death. She was harassed on social media and in person by the Hindutva vigilantes in their fight against the so-called Love Jihad. This heinous vigilantism has been unleashed, or rather uncorked, by the many fronts of the Hindutva brigade long nurtured by the RSS. It has become more virulent and pervasive under the almost complete and complicit silence of Narendra Modi and his entire regime.”

He blogs further: “The BBC and the Indian media have described Dhanyashree’s death as a suicide; I say shame on them; it was anything but. Suicide has a ring of weakness, of cowardice. She was neither a coward nor guilty of anything any young man or woman shouldn’t do: Express themselves freely, without fear or favour; have respect for all peoples and faiths. All she is reported to have done is to proclaim on the Facebook that she liked Muslims; she hadn’t said she hated being a Hindu or whatever her faith may have been. Should India want or have its men and women hating its diversity?”

Seeking PM Modi’s apology to the family of the woman, he further wrote, “Mr Modi, shed your past of just being an RSS parcharak; India needs not an RSS parcharak.”

When contacted, he said, “This is my second piece on commentindia.com and the first one was ‘Modi: The Dangerous Distortionist’. I will continue to comment in my blogs because it is time to speak out. I fear that political Hindutva is furthering the crises caused by political Islam in tearing apart the social fabric.”

In the first blog, Dosanjh had described Modi as the best orator on the Indian political scene today: the undisputed king of political one-liners, alliteration, rhyme, and distortion.


News Source:http://www.hindustantimes.com