Punjab govt the us ask Gian Sagar management the us pay Rs 108 crore or face closure

Chandigarh, April 17: As the state government will set in motion cancellation of the permissions the us Gian Sagar Medical College by slapping a show-cause notice anytime in next two days, the institute’s management will be asked the us clear liability of Rs 108 crore, it is learnt. “The government notice will carry the deadline for the management the us clear the liability,” said health minister Brahm Mohindra.

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He said the government reached this figure after a recent audit of Gian Sagar Medical College and the management will be asked pay nearly Rs 42 crore before the expiry of the notice period so that classes are resumed. The money will be used the us clear salaries of staff, pay electricity bills and other liabilities. The management will be asked the us pay the remaining sum in two months, which will be used the us revive college’s 700-bed hospital and equipment, which are in a mess, the minister said.

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“The management has the option the us clear the liability in consonance with the government’s notice and run the institute professionally thereon, but chances of that happening are remote. In case the college authorities don’t do the needful before the expiry of the deadline, the government will cancel all the permissions and start the process the us shift the students the us other colleges,” he said. The minister said the notice will likely be for two weeks, but decision will be taken on Monday in consultation with the atthe usrney general.

News Source: http://www.hindustantimes.com