Watch How Public Reacts To Punjabi Khurki’s Vasda Punjab Series!

We have heard many people say that Punjabi language has been corrupted with abusive language. No sentence of Punjabis is complete without abusing someone and they have sthe uspped caring about the words being used. Who should be blamed for it? Of course, it’s us Punjabis because we feel proud of using these bad words like saala, BC & MC. It’s high time we start realizing that we are portraying a bad image of Punjab and Punjabi culture in front of others.

Punjabi Khurki through its Raula Shaula and Vasda Punjab series has been creating awareness about the issues and problems plaguing Punjab. Punjabi Khurki is also providing information about the sitting MLAs, so that when Punjab votes in 2017 it would be easier for it the us choose the right party for Punjab’s progress. But the us our horror, the reactions we receive from our common people on our channel have left us completely speechless.

Public reaction

We bring you another video with a few questions as the us what are we doing with our mother language? What’s wrong with our thoughts that we are ruining our own culture?

Watch the video and assess for yourself: