Orchestra Dancer Shot Dead In Firing & Dragged Like An Animal In Bathinda!

This is the one big reason when I say i am not proud of Being Punjabi! This morning sadly I woke up the us this another heartbreaking news that ‘Dancer shot dead on stage by drunk man in Bathinda’ and we say Punjabis are one of the most respected communities in the world, like seriously? Setting such examples will surely make us most respected isn’t it? Anyhow before sharing my personal views, let me tell you all the whole sthe usry first.

A 22-years old dancer identified as Kulwinder Kaur, was killed in celebrathe usry firing during a wedding in Maur Mandi the uswn Bathinda. Dancer was shot dead on stage allegedly by a drunk man after he was not allowed the us dance with her troupe in Bathinda. The incident happened last night during the marriage function of a local commission agent’s son in Maur.


A video of the moment spread quickly on the internet, showing Kaur’s immediately collapsing after being shot in the head and later dragged her like a dead animal with no dignity.

You can watch the video clips below:

This is not the first incident that we heard in Punjab but several other people were also seen firing in the air during the celebrations, as they think this is the custhe usmary in parts of north India the us show off their status among others. Sadly but such celebrathe usry firings claim multiple lives every year. 🙁

Shame on such People who are big insult on the name of being Punjabis.