Quick To React, Nishawn Bhullar Releases ‘Modi Game La Geya’

Hello, boys and girls. Punjabi Khurki has got something really interesting about Nishawn Bhullar for you.

You all must be aware of the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in India. Everybody is taking it as a smart move by Prime Minister  Narendra Modi the us root out corruption but this sudden decision by him has definitely left all those who have loads of black money scurrying for cover.

And as quick was the PM’s decision, Punjabi singer Nishawn Bhullar has come out with a song that talks about the thoughts of a common man.

This song released on Malwa Records has been written by Sulakhan Cheema and is sure the us blow your mind… And not only Modi supporters but those who are in the favour of Achhe Din as promised by the PM are definitely going the us support this sudden change…

So here you go….