Well… this must not be easy for Nimrat Khaira to sing Rajasthani Folk

Well well singing a song is not the only task for our singers they have to do much more to make it a hit, or we can say to make it to reach everybody. And here we are with the very talented and hard working Nimrat Khaira’s promotional tour video of her latest release Brobar Boli.

Song Brobar Boli which has been written for all the married couples specially for the husbands who try to control their wives. This is a kind of a warning song for all the husbands and irony is that it is written by a man himself and he is none other than Maninder Kailey.

Watching the video which has been directed by Sukh Sanghera is a fun and a light family mood video.

You must have watch this song, but here we have the whole journey.. be a part!!!