Once again Milind Gaba did the same thing….

Yes!! He did it, he has again made us fall in love with him. With his cute looks and killer smile Milind Gaba has again win over all the hearts.

With his new song Main Teri Ho Gayi main taan vakayi odi ho gayi. 😉 The way he express his feelings and probably only the lyrics is just great and is enough to make you swoon in with the song.

The locations of Dehradun are amazing and are a delight to watch. Director Ashish Rai-Bunty and film maker RAWEYE has made it look so beautiful that you feel aww about the locations.

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Millind has not only sung this song but the music is also by MusicMG. I have liked everything about this song except it’s music which sounds repetitive. But what ever, it looks so awesome that it’s picturesque view has overcome every flaw.

Lyrics are written by Millind Gaba and we have a magic touch by Happy Raikoti also.

So here’s the complete video presented to you by Speed Records….