Inderjit Nikku is back, but why such a choice of song concept?

Lae dass…now we have another song which will rock this wedding season. The groom is definitely gonna tease the bride with Mere Yaar Beli sung by Inderjit Nikku. Yes you read it right, Inderjit Nikku, after a long time we have heard about him and this one is a cute and loveable song.

Music has been composed by Kuwar Virk and lyrics are written by Matt Sheron Wala. Video directed by Dr. D and it has been released under the banner of T-SERIES.

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But the concept is quite similar with many other songs where the lady love is always treated as no. 2 like in YAAR JA PYAAR by DEV SIDHU. In this one, preference is given the us friends. Even one of the songs by Inderjit Nikku was on the same concept but their yaari was replaced by Sardaari, but the woman was at no. 2 only.

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We fail the us understand why such a thing is predominantly ruling the creative Punjabi music industry. Relationship are meant the us go hand in hand and not the way presented.

So here you go with the full song….