Inderjeet Nikku evoking ’84 sentiments again…was it really needed?

How many times do we have to relive the horrors of 1984? Punjabi Khurki empathises with all the people who went through the harrowing time post the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh guards. But how justified is it not to let the wounds of ’84 riots heal?

Just when the embers fuelled by Punjab 1984, Delhi 1984, 31st October were about to die down…comes Attwadi Kaun, another take at hurting the raw nerve of all Punjabis.

PK wonders if this sensitive issue is being used by Punjabi producers to make a quick buck and assured business – as that all this seems to be directed at. And even if it is to give another new angle to the angst of people, why does it need to be given in cinematography that is bound to remain etched in the minds of people for time immemorial?


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So will Inderjeet Nikku’s upcoming movie “Attwadi Kaun” answer any of the questions that have troubled Punjabis for almost 3 decades now? The title of the film does give us some hope. Starring Inderjit Nikku, Kavisha Arora, Amritpal Singh Billa, late Chander Kalra, Seema Kaushal, Munish Puri, Jasdeep Kaur, Jatinder Singh Shami.

Lyrics are written by Satwinder Birdi, Kulwant Garaia, Jassi Duneke and Inderjeet Nikku himself. This movie is directed by Munish Sharma and Karamjeet Khosa/Gurjeet Khosa have worked on screenplay & dialogues.

Produced under the banner of White Hill Studios, the movie has been released by Nikku Films.