Himanshi Khurana is not able to love people anymore? Here’s why…

It can’t be just a photo shoot, it’s immense love of Himanshi Khurana for animals and specially dogs in result of which she works for peopleforanimalsindia.org .

Love for pets is always less in return of their selfless love for you. The way they always express themselves no human being can. Without any complaints and grudges their love is so pure. Even if you scold them or even beat them, they will still love you.

Even I have a pet so I can say this with full guarantee. Whenever I go home my dog is the one who comes to hug me before I step in and when I leave it’s still my dog who comes along down the stairs. So their love has no bars and limits.

And here’s how Himanshi took her Instagram to show her immense love for these bezubaan beings of God… have a look!!