Fight the cold season with Dosanjhwale Di Sudkaa recipe

Well…this is what we called being Punjabi when being such a super star Diljit Dosanjh still believes in Dadi maa ke ghrelu nuskhe. Yes he has uploaded a video of DOSANJHANWALE DI Sudkaa Recipe. And moreover when such foggy and cold days are going on this will be really helpful, because the thing which is called Sudkaa is a great remedy for  cold and cough. Although some of us must be aware of this dish but being an international star and having such a big fan following you never know who’s gonna benefit from Diljit’s this effort.

So if you are also suffering from cold or cough you just need to step into the shoes of Diljit and follow as he has instructed in this video.

And believe you me, this Sudkaa really works to get relief from a bad throat, cough and cold and the plus point is that it tastes really good. So you can enjoy your medicine this time. And if you are a Diljit Dosanjh fan you must try this on your own. Because this is so damn easy that you can even do this without mom’s help as our Super Singh has been doing in the video.

Don’t you think we should be thankful to Diljit Doanjh for sharing such a helpful thing with all of us. Well this way, this Super Singh have really helped me to fight cold which I was suffering from last three days, What about you??