Chandigarh 10-yr-old’s rape case: Counsellors find family’s behaviour ‘unusual’

The DNA samples of 10-year-old rape victim’s newborn child and accused – victim’s 45-year-old uncle- do not match. The news has left everyone shocked and suspecting who is the other rapist and who is lying?

Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) report reveals that the DNA of accused and newborn do not match. However, girl’s parents do not suspect anyone else other than the uncle, who used to stay near their house. The girl is still narrating the same story and naming the same man to the counsellors.

However, the counsellors associated with the family sense something fishy in this entire case. They believe, “Something is wrong somewhere with the family.”

“In my career, I have dealt with many such cases but this was a very unusual case. It’s not because a 10-year-old child was raped but how the family behaved and dealt with the entire case is unusual,” said a senior official working with a social organisation.

“Usually, parents are stressed out, they cry, show anger, and then victimize themselves that why it happened with their child. But nothing of this sort was noted in this case,” he said.

They also found the mother’s response very unusual. “This girl’s mother remained extremely calm throughout the episode. She has that smiling face. I only saw her upset or crying, a day before the delivery of the child.”

However, father of the child was seen visibly upset. “From the very first day, he dealt with the entire issue with maturity, but some things about him were not normal.”

He added, “For instance, when his child was admitted in the hospital, he was always concerned about attending his office. Even on the day of the delivery, he was reluctant to go to his office.This could be either his nature or maybe he is too poor and cannot afford to miss the office but it was weird.”

“Secondly, he does not want to shift the school of the child or residence, which is quite weird as almost everybody knows about her in the school,” he further explained.

Another thing which bothers the counsellors is the parents perusal to send the child to school only 15 days post the delivery.

According to a PGIMER psychologist, this could be because parents wanted to give a normal environment to the child. However, counsellors do not agree to this point. “As a parent don’t you know your child’s medical condition? How can you send her to school when doctors have advised rest?” a counsellor questions.

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