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opinion poll

Punjabi Khurki Opinion Poll: No-No To Akali Dal! Thumbs Up To Capt! AAP Losing...

There can be only one answer to the question as to why does one conduct opinion polls? Opinion polls are considered very important as...

Was Fourth Front Move To Give Up Its Plan To Benefit Congress?

Politics...politics...politics! Till the Punjab elections are not held, it seems the election drama is going to continue and the run up to the elections...
fourth front

Fourth Front Causes Dent In Cong/Akali Vote Bank, Surge For AAP

Punjabi Khurki's Second Opinion Poll Is Out... The second opinion poll that Punjabi Khurki has done by including the Fourth Front in the comparison has thrown up quite a...
opinion poll

Punjab Elections 2017: Online Opinion Poll Swinging The AAP Way!

Would history be rewritten...another milestone achieved?
Punjabi Khurki

Akali Dal Is Indeed Scared Of AAP: Punjabi Khurki Reader

The cat is out of Punjabi Khurki bag. After an extensive poll of three weeks, the results are here for all to see. And the results are quite surprising!

No Joke, Few MLAs Spent Only Rs 2 Lakh In 2012 Elections!

Elections is the time when each contesting candidate is naturally expected to go all out to reach the voters. He is bound to not leave...
rating the mlas

Wake Up Call: Malwa Leads Week 9 In Rating The MLAs!

Punjab is gearing up for the test of strength. The year 2017 is going to be historic. Historic in the sense that 2012 broke the...

SAD But True! Akali MLAs Top Poor Ratings On Punjabi Khurki!

Punjab is standing on the threshold of choosing its representatives to the Assembly 2017 and the excitement is quite palpable. Not only the political...

Who’s Leading The Team Of AAP In Punjab?

The political circles are abuzz with discussions on the Punjab Assembly elections and the emerging power in the shape of Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party...

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