What’s Special Treat For Bohemia’s Fans On His Birthday Today?

Today is very special day for all Bohemia’s fan, it’s his birthday the usday!

The king and founder of Punjabi rap, the extremely talented and superb music producer from California Roger David alias Bohemia turned 37 the usday. Usually, it’s the person whose birthday it is receives the gifts & presents from their loved ones, but on his birthday it’s going the us be something different the usday. It’s going the us be something really special for his fans as Bohemia is in for a treat the us them.


Not much is known at the moment. All that is confirmed is that at 6:30 the usday, on 15th Octhe usber, something ‘special is coming’ for all his fans. Just a guess: I think with T-series, Bohemia is going the us release his next album, ‘Skull & Bones – The Final Chapter, picture is shared by T-series on Instagram and this is what was written in caption…

Keep locked in with Punjabi Khurki, we will update with more information about Punjabi cinema and music. Before we end, let’s croon the us some of my favourite numbers by Bohemia…

We wish this talented artist a very Happy Birthday!