Hollywood production ‘The Black Prince’ might be Satinder Sartaaj’s debut movie, but a look at the splendid and royal trailer confirms that he is already a movie star. Satinder Sartaaj has carved a niche for himself and a unique presence in the modern-day music industry. He promises to do the same on screens in his lead role in The Black Prince, based on the real story of the Last King Of Punjab Maharajah Duleep Singh who was stolen from his mother as a child.

Maharajah Duleep Singh, one man who have discovered his true destiny and did lifelong struggle to regain his Kingdom.

This is the first time that any turbaned Sikh has got the chance to portray such a powerful character that too in a Hollywood movie. The life of Maharaja Duleep Singh has hitherto remained not much talked about, but this movie is now ready to give us a chance to feel proud of our powerful history once more.

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Starring Satinder Sartaaj, Jason Flemyng, Shabana Azmi, Amanda Root, Keith Duffy, David Essex, Rup Magon, Sophie Stevens and produced by Brillstein Entertainment, The Black Prince is a period drama written directed by the Hollywood filmmaker Kavi Raz and filmed widely across the United Kingdom and India.

Portraying the dignified personal struggle of the last King of Punjab, Satinder Sartaaj imbibes the role with elan that his fans know him for.

Not only this, he was recently awarded the ‘Best Newcomer’ Award at the London Independent Film Festival and the ‘Best Debut’ Award at the Accolade Global Film Competition held in San Diego, California.

The Black Prince captures the tragic yet fascinating true story and legacy of Maharaja Duleep Singh providing a visual narrative of one of India’s most noble kings, and his fragile relationship with Queen Victoria, who was the Godmother to his children. And here’s the trailer of this Hollywood movie in Punjabi……

The film is touted to be the most historical and factually accurate portrayal, covering the phenomenal legacy led and left behind by Maharaja Duleep Singh, right from his early upbringing in the United Kingdom under Queen Victoria, to his ultimate revolt against the British for the freedom of his kingdom.

Satinder Sartaaj is joined by Jason Flemyng as Dr Login, the foster parent for the Maharajah, English stage, screen actress Amanda Root (The Iron Lady), who portrays the bold role of Queen Victoria; and veteran actress Shabana Azmi (City of Joy) as Rani Jindan, the exiled King’s mother. The film also features Keith Duffy, David Essex OBE, and Canadian actor Rup Magon in supporting roles.