What’s birthday boy Parmish Verma’s surprise for fans @ 9 pm TONIGHT!

A real star is known by the way he keeps his fans happy. And, Parmish Verma sure knows how to do it!

A real star would be expected to celebrate, go hunky dory about his birthday. But not Parmish Verma! On his b’day today, he’s planing a surprise for his fans, for all of us. Yes, today is our favourite Parmish Verma’s birthday and he’s going to bomb us with a surprise..

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We hope that you all must have wished him with a lot of love and blessing but are you guys ready for the surprise…

Here is Rocky Mental himself thanking his fans for all the b’day wishes and giving a teaser about his planned surprise for us…What are you waiting for?? Go hit it…..

Well, we want to thank him in advance for that surprise and wish him a very happy birthday!!!