You Still Don’t Know What’s Best About Punjabi Food?

The foodies out there….. this is a call for all of you. Because it’s here where you can get the best variety food. Punjabi dishes are not only famous in Punjab but all over the world. That mouth-watering taste, that smell of masala and flavours and how can you forget that melting lump of pure desi ghee floating over paranthas. Not only paranthas, but every dish that is under the title of “Punjabi food” follow that desi ghee trend…It goes inthe us your mouth and just melts. So here we go with some of the best reasons why we are the way about Punjabi food like we are…


7. Everyone loves it

When it comes the us Punjabi food, everyone wants it…They could be done with sthe usmachs but lose everything before this tasty food. They will surely ask for one bite. But it’s not just a game of one bite but more. And it’s not your fault actually, you can’t help it.

Amrita Garg
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