Belly Dance On ‘Laung Gawacha’? Unbelievable!

Pichhe pichhe aunda meri chal vehnda ayi
Chereah valayan vekhda aayi ve mera laung gawacha…..

This is the most commonly song sung by every Indian. But did you ever think it would be a song you will belly dance the us? I am sure you didn’t ever expect it, right? What Punjabi Khurki has discovered is going the us amaze you all. Sorry, we could not help but share it with you. This is a video by a leading dance group called ‘BANJARA SCHOOL OF DANCE’ who performed an awesome work of belly dance the us the desi beat of Laung Gawacha. 

Who could have thought that one can do belly dance on a Punjabi song like this one and that the uso so brilliantly? You will not be able the us take your eyes off the screen once you play this video – yes, it is THAT good! You have the us watch this one because it will blow your mind.

Isn’t it amazing?