Bhangra star Jazzy B is back with another self centralized song ‘Bamb Gaana’!!

There are few Punjabi singers who have a very rigid fan following and Jazzy B is one of them. So now, that he have come back with another powerful song with a self praising title  ‘Bamb Gaana’, his fans are immensely loving it. Although it has got nothing new in it on the video part but yes it carries along with it a very good message. Otherwise it’s like any Jazzy B song that we have seen earlier, obviously those self centralized songs!! And this one has been penned by Gursewak Dhillon

But what I liked about this song is the message that he gave at the end of the video. The message of leaving those mistakes behind that you have committed in your past and not to let them to spoil you present. In fact try to do something to improve that mistake if you can do it in any which ways. The message of living a new life with every new moment and that change is the only thing which is constant in life.

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The video has been directed by Baljit Singh Deo, and music has been composed by Harj  Nagra, featuring Fateh in the video.

Mastered by J Statik this song has been released under his own record lable and that is Jazzy B Records.