Raftaar’s new song Baby Marvake Maanegi is a serious insult to ‘MUSIC’

Baby Marvake Maanegi. What kind of a song title is this?

From lyrics to the dance moves, everything about this song is double meaning and cheesy. I don’t know why people like Raftaar, who are so called stars and loved by many, think that they can take liberties with art and their fans. With such kind of songs, they are just insulting their talent (if any) and their teachers. And I’m amazed how they don’t realize what are they writing and what are they singing???

People must be all gaga over the song, but I guess they haven’t paid much heed to the lyrics, which are just repetition of the title Baby Marvake Maanegi. Some will also defend the title by saying that perversion is in the people’s minds…but the video completely conveys the cheesy and vulgar aspect of the song.

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Treating the girls as a prop and sexualizing the frame is all they think they need to do to make a hit song. Instead, they just end up up making a fool of themselves in the name of a hit. Unfortunately, it’s true but they don’t even realize that they are maligning the beautiful art called music – a blessing of Maa Saraswati.

Talking about this song… from lyrics to the title line… from video to the dance steps they have made it so cheesy just to sell it off. What’s surprising is that the song has been directed and choreographed by Remo D’Souza, who has a name for choreographing excellent work. This will truly cause a dent in his achievements, as this cannot be expected from Remo. We have seen many epic dance performances which have been choreographed by him…but god knows where ‘commercialization’ will take these guys…

Baby Marvake Maanegi is released under Zee Music Company. This song stands nowhere and before giving a thumbs up to this song, just check what Raftaar is trying to sell to usin the name music??