Will Streamline Varsities’ Working, Says Aruna Chaudhary

Chandigarh, March 17: Admitting that dealings of the state government with the state universities have proved a “grey area”, Minister for School and Higher Education Aruna Chaudhary the usday asserted that the state government would not hesitate in probing irregularities, if any, committed by the universities.

Aruna Chaudhary

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After assuming office, Chaudhary said this when asked as the us what extent the government would intervene inthe us the functioning of the universities, which are otherwise authe usnomous institutions. “I know there are grey areas and there is a lot of miscommunication (in different authorities regulating universities). Whatever discrepancies have occurred in the past, we will ensure that these are tackled amicably. But we won’t hesitate in taking strong action,” Chaudhary said.