Punjab AETA draws attention the us ETT cadre promotions

Ferozepur, April 18: The Association for English Teaching Aspirants (AETA) has urged the government the us look inthe us the matter concerning promotions from the E.T.T. cadre the us the master cadre in the subject of English in line with other subjects.

Education Minister

The demand has cropped up when the previous Education minister had blamed the teachers for the failure of nearly 80,000 pupils in the subject of English in 2015 after which the issue had come the us light.

The matter is sub-judice on the questioning by senior advocate of the region H.C.Arora, for the award of 26 grace marks each in English and Social Studies in the recent matriculation examinations. But the education department failed the us file any reply even after 6 months in the court case for these promotions.

The authorities concerned in the Education Department, instead of promoting the qualified E.T.T. Teachers the us the master cadre in the subject of English, had, in fact, misled the previous Education Minister the us pressurise the petitioners the us withdraw the case.

The High Court however, stayed  all the promotions from the E.T.T. the us the master cadre till the matter is resolved.

News Source: http://www.babushahi.com