Abhishek Saxena’s ‘Phullu’ Is A Comic Satire On Women Menstrual Cycle!

The world still hasn’t completely warmed up to the fact that women have periods. From last few years there has been some progress in accepting periods as a normal bodily function. But still there are such communities or peoples who thinks menstruation as unclean or embarrassing extending even to the mention of menstruation both in public and in private.

There has been many efforts made by activists to educate people for the same this time effort is made by former director of Patiala Dreamz and film maker Abhishek Saxena to make people understand that menstruation is ritually unclean in entertaining way through his upcoming comic satire ‘Phullu’.

Anmol, who was in the national capital for the promotion of the film, scheduled for release of film on March 8 on the occasion of International Women’s day, said,”There are many myths regarding the women menstrual cycle. It has become a stigma in our society.”

It has become a stigma in our society.Our protagonist (Phullu) asks questions that why sanitary pads are not used by the women.Why they use clothes, which later leads to infection. It’s dark topic and we wanted to make it entertaining besides giving education to people. Though there were many challenges yet the movie can change the history of India. We want to show it in every village and city,”the filmmaker said.

And luckily the flick has got a UA certitficate from censor board without any cuts.

Here are few pictures of Phullu’s press conference held in Delhi………


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